Jewellery Care

To help your jewellery last longer, minimize contact with water, soap, heavy perfumes, hairsprays, lotions and other liquids during wear. Silver and bronze naturally oxidizes from body oils, moisture and oxygen, so to maintain your piece's shine and colour, gently clean it with a jewellery polishing cloth. Try to remove your jewellery before going to bed, and store each piece in a separate airtight bag or container. If necessary, repolishing services are available for a fee.

Oxidized silver will lose its dark patina and become shiny from wear--this gives the piece different character over time. However, if you do want your piece to have a fully oxidized look again, you can send your jewellery back to us to re-oxidize for a fee. 

Bronze pieces that are not gold-plated will turn green eventually from your body acids and may colour your skin slightly too, due to the copper in the bronze alloy. We generally gold-plate most of our bronze pieces to prevent this. This is more of a concern for rings rather than necklaces, as necklace pendants may not have direct skin contact. 

Gold-plating will wear off over time. Try to wear plated items with care, and clean only with a soft, damp cloth. Re-plating services are available for a fee as well.