We launched!

 Photos by Andre Bendahan

Photos by Andre Bendahan

We just had our official launch event at Espace POP last Wednesday! (This is such a late post, but it took awhile to sort through photos!) Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi and look at the two collections!


I still can't believe how beautifully this came together! And this all couldn't have happened without the hard work of a team of my favourite people! A million and two thanks to these wonderful beings:

Anne-Marie Brouillette - for making Arc Jewellery look ridiculously good with her amazing design abilities, putting together this website, guiding me with marketing/social media/business stuff and so much more! Her endless encouragement helped me find the confidence to bring all this together, and Arc Jewellery would not be what it is without her!

Matt Atkinstall - for his sweet photography skills! With the little direction I gave him, he perfectly visualized the feel of the two collections in the lookbooks, and did some nice closeups of the jewellery for the online shop!

Jean-Baptiste Goudet - for helping with launch planning and setup, and especially for building the beautiful custom display tables! He came up with a novel way to put the tables together using a wound rope system (so no screws or nails!), and lit the tables up from underneath--it really set the mood for the launch! And he helped curate a number of other aesthetic details for the space!

Caroline Pelletier - for helping behind the scenes with launch planning, setup and PR. She was so helpful when it came to the logistics of how everything would run and who to contact, and kept me together right before the launch opened!

Kelty Lewis - for perfectly styling and doing make up for the Pointed Feelings lookbook shoot!

Breanna Lord and Léa Casgrain-Cyr - for modelling for the lookbook shoots!

Andre Bendahan, Shauna Eve, Dan Parker, Matus Racek, Dasha Valakhanovitch, Joani Tremblay, Sophie Monkman - for making the launch run, helping with everything from setup to photos to dj'ing, bar, sales, and coat check.

Gustavo Estrada at l'École de joallierie de Montréal - for patiently teaching me the skills to work with metal!

To these and all the other people who have given me advice/encouragement/laughs when I've been crazy stressed out, I can't thank you all enough--you make my heart explode!

For more launch photos, check out our album on Facebook!

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