Arc Jewellery Linearity cover.png

The Linearity Collection is here! This time, we are taking clean lines very literally--the inspiration behind this collection was the idea of reducing three-dimensional forms to a two dimensional level, resulting in the simple lines and curves of the collection. A line is the most elemental relation of two points, and we wanted to take that mathematical simplicity and translate it into subtle, wearable elegance. As well, a lot of the rings in this collection are meant to be modular--jewellery is individual, and how you wear it (where, in what combination and with what personal intention) should be a reflection of you! Go take a peek at the pieces in the shop

Also, we are so excited about this lookbook that the very talented Naomie Tremblay shot for us! The images are stunning, and she understands the light so intimately! We shot at our Collectif Montreal studio, where we are constantly spoiled with the most amazing sunlight for most of the day. Léonie Lévesque did the stunning hair (that wrapped hair!) and makeup, and lovely Sophie BT modelled for us--dream team! The lookbook images capture the starkness and understated confidence of the Linearity collection perfectly, take a look at the rest of them here