VACANCY: Launch of our 2016 Collection lookbook!

Welcome to our 2016 collection, Vacancy! Our lookbook is now online! It was shot by the talented Naomie Tremblay assisted by Émilie Mercier, with makeup and hair by Léonie Levesque and modelled by Bianca Arroyo-Kreimes and Émilie Hamou. Wardrobe was courtesy of ibiki and Amanda Maria Fashion. The photos are stunning, and we are so excited to share them with you!

Arc Jewellery - Vacancy - Earring
Arc Jewellery - Vacancy - Parallel rings

This collection is a meditation on intentional absence being as powerful as presence. Drawing from the Japanese concept of "ma", which roughly translates as space or interval, we wanted to explore the idea that space is experiential and acknowledge how it gives shape and substance to form. This translates into a play with negative space in the pieces, and the contrasting finishes suggest absence.

We are prepping up to release the collection on our online shop next week--stay tuned!