Meridian Earring Set

Meridian Earring Set


18mm fancy jasper stones with sterling silver stems, Consonance discs with posts and 10mm ball backs. As each natural stone is unique, the color and marbling will not be exactly as pictured; there is an option for stone color preference at checkout.

These earrings are modular — drop is removable and the Consonance earring front and ball back can be worn on their own.

Also are reversible — can be worn with the Consonance disc or 10mm in front of the ear, and the Parallax Drop can be placed in front of or behind the ear.

Price listed for the pair.

Made to order — please allow up to 2 weeks of lead time before shipping.

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The Harmonics collection is designed such that the wearer can mix and match earring components to form combinations that personally resonate.

The Meridian Earring Set consists of the Consonance Earrings and the Parallax Drops which can be worn and purchased separately: